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Pre Raceday English

Yes, I took part in a race. It was actually my first elite race. That sounds spectacular, but it wasn't. I could say what everyone says now, lots of training blah blah blah. But I think I'll write about it with a bit of distance. But what I can say is that I'm glad I'm a triathlete and not an open water swimmer. Today I have even more respect for what they do here. To cut a long story short, I swam 5 km open water. I am happy with myself and what JR told me, he is proud that I dared to go out and just do it, he just said: "It`s all about practice, the more you do it, the better you get". I learn from it for my triathlon, I compete to get better and I have fun doing it.


Now to the topic of why I'm writing this blog: I want to give Nolan and Kilian a platform to introduce their podcast and talk a bit about why they do it. First of all: I think podcasts are a really great medium for chatting to other people or just taking your mind off things for an hour and having a laugh. The two brothers have the podcast "The Making Waves Podcast" together and mainly talk about their everyday lives and funny things. They don't take themselves too seriously and you hear funny stories. But I don't think everyone likes their humour or their topics. But if you ask me, I think it's really great how openly they talk about their everyday lives and make everyone laugh. But not only that, but also that they discuss things seriously and have their own opinions. Which I respect, because who says what they think about something on the internet these days? Because we also know that once something is out there, it stays on the Internet. Because you can also feel it on a small scale when you create a platform to show what you like doing, and some of these are comments that you wouldn't say in a conversation. Why am I writing about your podcast right now? Because I was allowed to be a guest and I can tell you, I'm telling an embarrassing story from my school days. But years later, I can laugh heartily about it. Don't say you didn't do funny things at school or anything. Because I don't really take myself too seriously everywhere. I always think that as long as nobody gets hurt, it's okay to say or do something.


The reason why they do a podcast is partly because they want to get in touch with people and because they get to talk to people like me and get to know someone better. Secondly, it's a way to make money if the podcast gets big. While we're on the subject, I have a platform to tell you, listen to the podcast and laugh heartily at what we say. If not, turn it off and listen to your favourite music. Otherwise, visit Instagram and check out the reels, they're really good and show podcast clips too.

EveningNeela, the younger sister of the two, cooked us a wonderful dinner. We had homemade gyros, a dream. It tasted really good. We were all fit for the race the following day and had enough carbohydrates.

Thank you to the siblings for allowing me to be a guest on your podcast and to Neela for cooking so well for us.

See you out there

Cyrill To the podcast

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